Movie Madness : The Shallows

Summertime is officially here! Time for a good summer flick, right?? And nothing says perfect summer movie like surfing + sun + a shark. Wait…did someone say ‘shark!’? OK…you reeled me in. I’m ready. Are you??

‘The Shallows’ stars Blake Lively as med student Nancy Adams, who is dealing with the loss of her beloved mother. Nancy decides to get away to her mom’s fave beach in Mexico (actually it was filmed in Australia but a beach is a beach, yes?). Anyway, Nancy decides to go surfing alone on an unfamiliar beach. What could possibly go wrong there?? Apparently a lot.

Nancy soon discovers she has unwelcome company (a great white shark). Yikes. The shark takes a bite out of her (ouch!), yet she somehow manages to swim to a large rock. And though she can see the shore, she just can’t get to it. The pesky predator just won’t go away, but the stranded surfer refuses to give up without a good fight.

Critics argue that ‘The Shallows’ is just another ‘Jaws’ rip-off (and I admit I thought the same thing when I saw the trailer). But then I thought about how much I loved ‘Jaws’, so who cares? This time around the star of the movie is a female surfer…and a great white shark, of course.

Happy Shark Week, amigos! :)

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