RIP Democratic Party
Yvonne C. Claes

Unfortunately the young people today have no idea what freedom is. They don’t see each and every one of our “rights” being taken away from us one by one. It’s a very sad day in America when our only two choices (yet in a Miss America contest you have 10 choices) are a man who has filed bankruptcy 4 times or a woman who has been under investigation more times than Carter has pills. Let’s just start with Watergate (age 27 I believe). She’s tried to walk off with many items from the White House after her husband left the Presidency. Emails, Benghazi these are just the most popular ones. 20 years ago she wouldn’t have gotten past the first primary with that list of atrocieties behind her. I honestly believe this may be the turn this country needs. People are waking up from a long sleep and realizing this is no longer our country. Our votes no longer count. Unfortunately the only reason I will be voting for Trump is because I haven’t heard anything about voter fraud against him or the Republican party. I don’t like Trump, but until somebody figures out a way to get more parties on the ballot, these look like our only options.

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