Meet the School That Speaks 23 Languages
Benjamin Rasmussen

Here in suburban Maryland, just outside Washington, DC . many or even most of our school have children that speak a wide varity of languages, yes. some in the twenties. The school does not speak the languages, the various students do. My next door newighbors are Latino. THe parents speak Spanish to each other and to the kids. The kids naturally have learned english in school and, interestingly enough. they speak English to each other while at play in the backyard. It is my hope that Maria Isabela is learning English and should be reading the book in both languages to help her learn.

However, the biggest problem in our schools now is Common Core.WE DO NOT want our kids to learn to all think alike and be followers, Great education should not be about class management, but about individual learning skills catering to how each child is wired in his or her brain. I know that is very difficult, but teachers used to do that before COmmon Core came along and can do that again. THat is a huge reason so many are home schooling their children these days. GET RID OF COMMON CORE. The expeerts who wrote the letters to each other didn’t even mention it. Conservatives must be elected to office in order to get rid of Common Core. What do your letter writers think about that?

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