Cancer Journal 3: Stuck on the Breast Cancer Roller Coaster Ride
Sandra Wade

I just read your journal. I’m a two-timer so I know what you’re talking about. First the shock, then the fear, then the anger. Damnit, I liked my boobs too and having one bigger than the other and not as pretty is kinda not great. I call them “Floppsie and Moppsie”.

You are now in good company with the rest of us chickens. You didn’t want to be there, did you? Me either but what the hell…I am! So after going through umpteen biopsies and seeing doctors, I developed a mantra “Keep moving”. It helps to have a few attainable goals so make some. I literally see the world a bit differently now and appreciate some of the small things. It’s been 7 years since my diagnosis I was given in my right breast. I too have dense tissue and actually they could not track my lymph nodes when they did the sentinel node dye. I had a mastectomy. That does not mean you’re going to have one! It was recommended after I had had cancer in that same breast 5 years prior. No chemo involved as it was all caught early. Was on Tamoxifen also.

Just know that there is support for you and I urge you to seek out the very best care for yourself. Go to various meetings to educate yourself. Also treat yourself to laughter as it is the very best medicine. My best to you.