White women coming to my city for the Women’s March: This is what I want you to know
Bridget Todd

I think by now, you saw an incredible number of women and men who look just like you and me. I understand your hesitancy and your mistrust, I really do. But if we do not form a strong bond, then what do we have? I’m 65 years old now and I got to this age by listening and participating, making phone calls, and writing. Women, of all colors,have been marginalized for too many years. Look, were we ever taught about the three wonderful African American women who propelled John Glenn into space? NO! That never ever made the history books and I was in high school at that time. See, that’s why there was a convergence on your town. The awful man sitting in the most powerful seat in the world, occupies OUR HOUSE! We can never be complacent…no not anymore.