Becoming a Medicaid Patient
Miranda Yaver

I’m very happy you got your Medicaid card. As hard as it is to apply for it, the acceptance of it gave you much relief and took away that anxiety.

I feel for you and understand your dilemma. I was a supervisor in the insurance world. I became disabled in the late 1980's. For the first time in my life, I was “the claimant” when I filed for Worker’s Compensation. I was treated like I never had had my job. It was awful for a little while because I had a five year old and an infant at home. I had to fight tooth and nail for compensation and finally got it but not without diligence and constant badgering.

Things will change for you but it may take a little time. Endure, continue to educate, be educated, and keep up the good fight.

My very best to you.