John Brennan, Free Speech, And The Coming Constitutional Crisis
Nicholas Grossman

I’m not even sure how Trump got a security clearance with the associations he’s had over the past 20 years. He got a pass because he won the election, so he skipped the regular process citizen must go through to work in that level of our government (Intel). The average citizen going through the background check process for a security clearance with as much baggage as he’s had (i.e bankruptcies, relationships with sketchy foreign people and national enemies, threatening a sitting President, cheating on his wives-character flaws, a known liar, etc.). He has all types of issues that would signal he could be easily compromised if he were trying to get top secret or higher than top secret security clearance and would never get a security clearance. He also has people working in his administration with clearances work very sensitive areas who would otherwise never get a clearance if the system worked the way that it has previously.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s like the pot calling the kettle. The system no longer has integrity. It’s tainted. If the current POTUS can get a clearance, they may as well sell them at Walgreens now, or go to the local DMV and pick one up.

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