Marley K.
Marley K.
Oct 4, 2018 · 1 min read

I’m not sure women of color ever believed the lies this country spews about women’s progress. Our pain is always over looked. We can’t afford to be fragile, nor does the world care about our fragility. While I’m happy to see women finally coming together in defense of childhood trauma experienced from sexual assaults and rapes as well as adult sexual assaults, I wonder if the compassion, anger, triggers and “feelings” will be extended to women of color who have experienced rape at the hands of police, sexually harrassed by our bosses, an International Monetary Fund Chiefs, and even a sitting Supreme Court Justice.

Somehow, these women are not supported, and left to fend for themselves. Where is the anger for their struggles.

The most recent sexual harassment laws were shaped by the complaints and litigation on behalf of poor and blue-collar women of color. Anger and outrage are spawned when victims are pretty, White and rich.

I wish we could find a name for that problem.

    Marley K.

    Written by

    Marley K.

    Trying to make sense of the senseless. Teller of truth. I have opinions. I’m a Southern Raceologist. Lover of the living. I like coffee:

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