She’s no shining example or counterbalance to her husband’s hefty hate and disgrace.
Well, I’m glad Melania Trump didn’t choose anti-racism as a platform
Sam McKenzie Jr.

This is a serious problem with the do-good, “trying to be on the right side of history” White wives/partners who are married to these evil, racist, treasonous fake patriots. She married for money, and she knew full well the type of man she married and pro-created with.

How is it that she gets a pass for being silent on his behavior, staying with her hating husband, and trying to distance herself by creating a separate identity which paints her in a glowing, compassionate light?

I am glad you highlighted this along with a few other BLM writers. There needs to me more alarms sounded on the White women who seem to be invisibly woven into (or omitted from altogether) these storylines. They may be silent, but we see them and they should NEVER get a pass.