What utter horse shite.

Why is it that White people always try to deflect when being called out about their improprieties and savageness 😂. I don’t hate White people, but I sure hate White oppressors, White racist, White traitors, White thieves, White liars, and White cheaters. I have some tolerance for those who aren’t aware of their racist ways and tendencies, but I have zero tolerance for White people who deflect and those who fail to take responsibility for their people.

Some White people should learn how to take responsibility for their shit (you included oh hidden face person), and stop always trying to bring other people and topics unrelated to the discussions they dive into about White Supremacy and White Privilege nationally and globally. All the things you mention have no impact on my life like Christianity/Evangelicalism, White Supremacy, and White privilege. So have several seats and go get pissed on another post!

Don’t try to tell me shit until you own your people’s shit! And sometimes learn to shut up and scroll on by topics that rub you the wrong way. It’s not a good look!