And now the argument from ignorance.

I don’t exactly know what your discussion is about but I do know that as a women the “stats” are often collected by those that are not a “stat”

Up until a year ago I didn’t understand white supremacy. I understood it… but I couldn’t comprehend it. I was born into poverty, am female, Caucasian Canadian. So when I started to open my mind up to the fact that my reality was only my reality, I discovered my own history was not what I believed it to be (toxic parents, gaslighting etc etc..) I painfully realized that this was also the case on a global level. More importantly the USA. My neighbors have failed to hide the ugly truth in the age of technology. I assume because you are white and don’t believe yourself to be racist you assume the cops have no bias as they are supposed to be noble peacekeepers.? It’s ok to believe the truth. Even if it’s painful, truth is better then lies. So I suggest you try someone else’s reality on for a moment to gain some insight and maybe open your mind to the harsh truth your country struggles with. The worst that can happen is you might help make a change for the benefit of Humanity.

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