I wasn’t going to type on here anymore for numerous reasons. But as much as America has disappointed me I could never watch them suffer in a time of nuclear catastrophe.

So invite the savvy creative writers independent journalist thinking outside the matrix not believing the hype of crazy world leaders.

America.. you have a Fukushima type situation possibly unfolding real time in Texas. I did smart research today without my usual sky is falling theatrical fuel. I was calm and deliberate critical thinking and I want you to pursue this situation because I believe it is going to SEVERELY change the course of American future and this very moment.

Don’t let Fukushima happen to the Southern half of your country. The faster we act the better we will all be

The areas affected so far are Bay City Inverness Forest Northwood pines

I love you America even though I was harsh at times. I still love my nieghbours

From my Canadian Perch anxiously watching