This is an official statement.

It came to my awareness last night that I am guilty of voicing my opinions on subjects I thought I understood and clearly have no experience with. Mostly I apologize to my beloved American neighbors. I was ignorant to the shameful truth the media hides. Medium opened my eyes and even then I had to be critical in my thinking. I got left behind technology wise after my mom died. So I’ve been catching up and I still am catching up. I’m disturbed to know that White America has continually abused Black America since the the first ship docked. I gave White America too much credit. I found it hard to believe that an entire race of people would continue to be victims of their own ignorance. I thought that the internet would at the very least plant a seed of discovery in the minds of those limiting their perception. Or perhaps good old fashioned life experience would help those see that they were foundation-ally (is that a word? I mean you are rotten to the core so fix your shit and be more harmonious)

I can hide behind my Canadian label no more. I’m not experiencing White shame or guilt. Disgust is more appropriate. Like grow the fuck up people and ask difficult questions and don’t be afraid to not be a racist. Let’s start reading about overcoming our self inflicted ignorance. Ya!