How to love a fat person.
Your Fat Friend

You can substitute “ugly” for the word “fat” and this article would still be accurate. Having a fit body and an “ugly” face is just as unacceptable to society. If you are cursed with “ugly” and “oversized” you are doubly damned. I have been told repeatedly that I am unattractive. Been harassed on the street for not being pretty enough and even “barked” at by young men who thought that the height of wit. Even before I was overweight I was victim to the fake date request and told that no one would ever want me. Now I am overweight, too, and I am working to get my weight down to something I am comfortable with. NOT because of how other people view me, but because I have genetically weak joints, a genetic liver defect, and diabetes runs in my family. For health reasons, my body can’t handle extra weight as well as the average person. So, it needs to come off and even just 10 pounds down makes a huge difference in the pain in my legs and back. So I will lose weight *for me*, and when I am thinner again I will still have what society considers an unacceptably unattractive face. And I will also still have a wonderful husband who loves me because he cares so much more about my personality and intelligence and wit than my looks. I saw some of the women he dated before me and they were all far more attractive than me — body and face. But it doesn’t matter because looks really aren’t everything. My husband is pretty good looking and quite slim — and isn’t really the physical type I go for anymore than I am his. We are coming up on 25 years together now and we are both still very much in love with each other and can’t imagine life with the other gone. Forget about looks, yours and those of other people, and love yourself, live life, and there is somebody out there who will see YOU and not your body.