Caveat: The focus of this UX case study is the process I followed on the project, the mistakes I made and what I’ve learned — not the solution. All senstitve information has been masked.

Customer Journeys (often called User Journeys) or Journey Mapping is a UX methodology used to get insights into a user’s experience when interacting with an organisation’s service or product across all touch points and channels. Each of these interactions directly affects the satisfaction of the user’s needs and ultimately the user’s dedication to the brand. By using storytelling and visualisation to map out the user’s journey, valuable insights and key opportunities can be uncovered to improve future user journeys that drive conversion and ultimately profit.

When creating a customer journey, you typically start with the user’s needs (based on actual…

In short, a Heuristic Analysis is an inspection methodology to evaluate a website using a number of evaluation criteria based on a broad set rules of thumb and not necessarily specific usability guidelines. This type of evaluation is usually done on an existing product, or it can be conducted at a later stage in the development of a new product to iron out usability issues before implementation. Keep in mind this methodology is not the same as Cognitive Walkthrough or Usability Testing — each plays a significant role in improving the usability of a product though.

The Nielsen Norman Group

On 7 September 2018, I had the privilege to talk about Inclusive Design at the first annual Retro Rabbit Conference in Pretoria, South Africa. I’m always super excited when I get the opportunity to speak at events or offer workshops on Inclusive Design because it’s proof that there is a growing interest in accessibility. Mindsets are changing and the interest in including ALL users in a product’s experience is increasing. The content I shared with the rabbits at the conference is consolidated in this article, and you can find the presentation on Prezi.

It can be quite overwhelming when you first start exploring the world of accessibility. One thing I’ve noticed when I started digging into the available resources on Web Accessibility, also referred to as Inclusive Design, a couple of years ago, is that if you don’t have a good starting point, you have to filter through a lot of noise to find the good stuff.

Below is the top 10 most user-friendly accessibility resources to start 2018 off with.

1. WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind)

WebAIM is a non-profit organization that provides in-depth information on accessibility, assistive technology and guidelines on implementing accessibility when building digital…

It’s quite a controversial statement:
“The top <fill in subject> accounts on <fill in social platform>”

I mean, social media takes up a substantial chunk of internet. How can one possibly identify a handful of accounts from millions, and label them as the best? This list of top #accessibility accounts on Twitter is obviously bias and is MY collection of personal favourite accounts that share useful content on Accessibility and Inclusive Design.

So, please don’t hate on the list. If you know of any good accounts that’s not included in this list, share the knowledge and add it in the…

Talk presented at the annual UX Conference South Africa on 11 November 2017

Internet of Things (IoT), also called SMART technology has taken the tech world by storm the last couple of years. Internet-connected devices are being used in innovative ways to improve quality of life for all people. IoT potentially offers a revolutionary, fully accessible and “smart” world by improving interaction between objects, their environment and people. While the main focus of IoT is to make the world smarter, it can only be achieved if the right information is accessible at the right time, through technologies such as Artificial…

Marli Ritter

UX Specialist & Web Accessibility Evangelist. Always looking, always searching… to understand user behaviour and make the digital world a better place.

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