The Only Problem On Earth

When looking at the level of causation, society only really has one simple problem. And if just enough of us address it within ourselves, all other issues will be automatically and organically solved.

I understand the audacity of that statement, but this is important – if you have any desire whatsoever for a better world for yourself or for any of the beings here, I challenge you to really consider this idea:

The root of our planet’s imbalance is not a physical issue, but the way we choose to get our energy – our power, our excitement and motivation, and the sense of wellbeing we crave.

The default most of us were taught is to look externally for relief or upliftment – to things like careers, achievements, wealth, entertainment, religion, media, relationships, products, food, drinks, and drugs – and to draw it inward. This is a great way to sell us stuff we don’t need, but it’s not great for us or the planet – we are not just consuming things, we are consuming ourselves, the earth, and each other. This behaviour is painful, harmful, and goes against our natural state.

Seeking fulfillment through disempowered and lack-based behaviour can only result in unhappiness, addiction, codependence, guilt, shame, boredom, loneliness, greed, and other disempowered and lack-based feelings.

I know that your TV has told you otherwise infinite times, but you can’t access a positive state of being by using a negative state of being and its resulting negative behaviour. They are mechanically different things.

Even when we find the most pleasurable state possible through external means, we are still feeding off of energy that isn’t ours, in a mechanically negative, vacuum-like energetic polarity, and identifying with something that is shallow and fleeting. How precarious and stressful it is to rely on things outside of our control to feel good! And how destructive and self-subsuming!

Depending on how intensely we are identifying with the external, and how bad we think it is at any moment, the negative and lack-based states of being we experience can be very strong! And when we are not conscious enough to choose differently, it is these states that trigger our unhealthy, destructive, and exploitative behaviour.

We would never choose negative behaviour without first being in a negative state. This is why our state of being is so important – it is the primary causal factor in our lives.

We are not bad people for unknowingly behaving in a negative way, after being so pervasively conditioned to do so. Instead of being judgemental, perhaps we can see it like an electrical issue needing repair – a short-circuit perhaps – for it is often trauma or neglect that creates this faulty wiring, and we are just trying to survive and to feel good in the best way we know how.

However, our future is now at stake. We need to do better, and we can do better once we understand how. We can reverse our negative habits and embrace more of our organic selves whenever we choose to – we already do it naturally at our most playful and creative, so we only need to become a bit more mindful of the state of being we are choosing.

If we could remember to stay connected to more of our power, inspiration, and wellbeing within – observing and creating our experiences from that higher consciousness perspective, instead of absorbing and re-cycling the world around us through the ego-based mind – nothing negative or outdated could last.

All this positive shift requires of us is to notice when we are at all dissatisfied, then to go within until we find a more unconditional and detached sense of wellbeing. Then we can act – if we so choose – not from a state of lack, but of immense power.

This state of inner connection is where everything you truly want comes from, from the abundance to the bliss.

No matter how great your efforts or material wealth, if your inner connection isn’t right, you’ll never have the success, joy, or autonomy you want. You’ll never have the profound level of love you know deep down that you really want – and truly deserve.

Pure love, bliss, and other high levels of consciousness are only available through inner connection – through shifting into a positive energetic polarity – which is a highly joyful, charismatic, and attractive state.

The inversion of default energy flow, from outward seeking to inward connecting, is the entire key to rebalancing ourselves and the world – and to getting everything we really want.

If enough of us could stay positively aligned with our own power within, enough of the time, we would automatically stop allowing so much harm to the earth, to ourselves, and to each other. We would be organically and effortlessly inspired to uplift and love, rather than to consume and exploit. We would experience a profound level of contentment and bliss without needing more things to get it. We would begin to deeply and harmoniously thrive, because we would know our inherent and extraordinary power, and we would see how ridiculously weak and unnecessary our external efforts and methods of control really are.

We spend so much time seeking fulfillment and relief through external efforts – and through the consumption of things others created while they were connected within – but there really is no comparison between what we have access to within ourselves, and any kind of external action or second-hand energy source. Our inner connection is exponentially more powerful while being absolutely inherently effortless. Once you are tapped into that why would you choose another way?

I hope you will now consider how profound the change could be if enough of us made this important shift.

Take a moment to reflect – how would reducing something like greed or loneliness or insecurity specifically affect the cause you most care about? And how would this cause be affected by a massive increase in our creativity, self-empowerment, joy, and compassion as well?

I hope you will now consider if there is any way you could help add more momentum to this important paradigm shift. We don’t need everyone – that’s the beautiful thing. There is so much power in this way of being that it only takes a few to create immense change.

Consider making a decision now – if it resonates and feels intuitively right to you, decide to commit more deeply to your inner connection. Decide to be a being of positive power. Decide to let go of external seeking. Decide to stop feeding off of the energy of others. Decide to open yourself to unconditional wellbeing, satisfaction, and bliss. And decide to stop giving your power away to anyone or anything outside of yourself.

Create these positive intentions wholeheartedly – whichever ones feel right for you – and trust that you will find your way. You’re already partway there! You already know these things and you may even do them often. Just choose to be more aware from now on.

If you would like to get more practical and specific, here are some strategies you can use for deepening your inner connection until you learn how to simply feel your way into it on command. You’re welcome to save this list and refer to it any time you notice yourself in a state of negativity or lack. If the list is overwhelming, that is understandable! Just focus on the strategies that seem the most easy and fun to start with. You will know which ones you need.

Because of the importance of this topic, please don’t hesitate to ask for further clarifications below. Let me know if you’d be interested in a book or a deck of mindfulness cards based on this post, or if things like that exist already and you want to recommend them to others! Your sharing is appreciated.

Thank you for considering this idea and doing your part to heal yourself and the world! You have more power to create change than you know.

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