We all look at our families, situations, relationships (or lack thereof); and think, “surely I’m the only person like this. I’m (we’re) a mess and I should be ashamed.”

Hopefully, here’s a bit of good news. WE’RE ALL A MESS! And that’s where I know God is real.

It’s not all random.

There is order. There is design. There is meaning.

Most of all, there is love.

Look at today’s first reading about Joseph in Egypt. Realize how much of a mess that was. We’re all different in many ways, yet, the same in the thing that really matters.

We’re not so far from each other, not so far different. We all have our shee (if you know what I mean). So, be easy on yourself, your family. Realize. We’re all in this TOGETHER.

Let’s start acting like it. Let’s start living that truth. The truth that yes, it’s a mess, but God made you very good and He intervenes. Maybe not the intervention you want or prefer; but He is very much involved.

Let’s be there for each other. Let go of the unhealthy situation we’re in (relationship, job, habit).

It may take time. Perhaps a long time. And, a lot of prayer, counsel, and times in confession. But, step by step. Move.

The Holy Spirit IS there for you. Throughout. Within. Be plunged again in the things that really matter and not be swayed by the fluttering of nonsense that cause unnecessary worry and anxiety.

Know how good God made you. Live that.

You are loved.

May not feel it. May feel like you failed. But like Joseph in the first reading said, “It was really for the sake of saving lives
that God sent me here ahead of you.”

Oh yeah, and we need to get together more often.