An Ode to the CC

I love the Catholic Church

It is because of the Catholic Church that I have a better respect for people no matter what age, race, religion, or state in life

I love that one of the Catholic Church’s contributions to the world is the understanding of the human person

I love the smell of incense at Mass

I love seeing different races of people at Mass

I love knowing that when I travel to other countries, I know what part of the Mass it is even though I don’t know the language

I love the sacraments

I love that I can go to a priest and talk to him about my sins. I need to hear his words and to know that he is speaking for Christ and the CC

I love that all five senses are engaged in Mass

I love that no matter how flawed a human being a priest is, the Eucharist is still the Eucharist at Mass

I love that the Holy Spirit has guided and worked with the CC even when imperfect instruments were placed in charge (and will continue until the end of time)

I love Pope Francis, Pope BXVI, Pope St. JPII, St. Max Kolbe, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Maria Goretti, St. Charles Lawanga, to name a few

I love that I can gather together with friends, bring potluck dishes, have adult beverages, catch up by telling stories of our lives, play praise & worship music, do Lectio Divina, then have dessert AND the whole thing was a Catholic experience and not just one aspect of the night

I love that the CC always shows the interrelatedness of things: faith & science, faith & reason, faith & history, intellect & will, antiquity & contemporary, and not their separateness

I love that the Truth is always the same and that there are new voices needed and are continually called upon to help in expressing it in new light and helps in its continued unfolding. Therefore, we can never completely unpack the inexhaustible mystery of the teachings of the CC

I love the rosary

I love our Mother Mary

I love Catholic Schools. Especially the ones whose staff understands the Catholic Teaching on education. That means from principal to custodian. In short, Catholic Education fosters the development of the whole person (NOT just the intellectual although that is vital, but also the spiritual, emotional, and psychological). That we are all called to the sacred duty to educate even if it means being able to live out the virtues as a custodian, and the students watch that example (that is also participating in education). By the way, education is a sacred duty that should be available for all NOT just a privilege of the rich. We need to promote and foster those who are called to be legislators and future lawmakers for poor people to have access to proper Catholic education and not just a few. Yes, holiness is called even to political jobs. I submit to you that it is vital. If I learned anything from this past election, I learned that we need virtuous, skilled, and smart politicians, who know how to dialogue with people of different views to promote policies for the common good of all. I am sick and tired of people bashing Catholic education when it is, in fact, one of the solutions to promote a better state/better nation because that is where faithful and involved citizens are produced with the help of the whole community. The great work is upon us now more than ever before. Educare is Latin for “to bring out of the darkness.” Education’s meaning is to bring up, raise up, and nurture in an image. For Catholic education, it is the image of Christ. The problem is, most schools have taken away that image (and, yes, even the ones that say they are Catholic) and replaced it with something/someone else. True education, in essence, helps the person become who they truly are (and works developmentally throughout). That’s amazing! We all have that responsibility, not just people who made education their profession (the teachers). If you’re reading this and you, one day become president of the United States, remember to help teachers. Yes, make their salary commensurate with a just living wage, but also, promote legislation that helps them grow professionally by incentives for their continued education, supporting their family life, and promote sustainability/longevity in a profession calling you to pour out your whole self day-in/day-out. Wow, I guess I spent an extra time on this, but it highlights how much I love Catholic education. (*FYI, I worked as a Middle School Religion & High School Theology teacher for a Catholic School so I have a teacher’s perspective as well as a Director of Youth Ministry perspective.)

I love that the saints are truly here to help us

I love gratia supponit naturam (grace builds on nature) and that God meets us where we are at and showers us with grace where we are at

I love that the best stories come from man’s search for meaning which the CC has tons of writing about. So, if you’re a writer or in the creative arts, there is so much written about how to become a better artist whose source of creativity is God

I love JPII’s letter to artists

I love all the encyclicals, apostolic exhortations, Vatican docs, etc. They’re not easy to read, but I love the truths that resonate from them

I love that all 21 CC councils build on each other and do not contradict in their teaching

I love the quality of people who have been properly formed in the CC

I love that the CC is there for when I am a baby until, God willing, I die an old man.

I love so many things about the Catholic Church and can write on and on, but I’ll stop here for now. I am so grateful to God for the CC. Thank you Lord. An advanced Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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