Medium is a victim platform

I planned on writing here, about my development career, my outdoors mountain adventures, my gaming and other things I feel strongly about (FILM etc).

But everytime I come to medium, the slabs of pastes of promotional wankery that is everyone’s posts hits me in the face. I don’t see proper articles anymore, I don’t see good ‘blog’ posts anymore, all I see is a bunch of people (who seem to be mostly from that huge egocentric continent) who play victim cards. If it’s not about race, or gender, it’s about age or general stockholm-syndrome, over-analysed hogwash.

People, get over yourselves, get over your tiny little identity crises, be who you need to be. If anything is standing in your way, get out. No one cares about the crying and bitching of a whiner of can not change their own course. I am sick of hearing of discrimination by people who are too white, or too black, or too european or too female or too male. When I read this, I just revolt, it makes me think you’re weak and pathetic.

Prove that wrong, get out, change your own life. You are not what others say. Whether most of this is just over-sensitive 2010’s style victim-mentality or not is another story, which I won’t get into, but worth saying that most of this “suffering” is not the norm.

Thank heavens I have a choice, and not coming back to Medium is for sure one of them… just feel really bad for all the “victims” who can’t make a positive change in their own lives.

Good riddance.

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