Web AR is an exciting prospect as it allows users to engage with AR experiences without the need for downloads and longer time to engagement. 8th Wall have recently released a platform on which you can easily create web AR applications using their SLAM engine and rendering with WebGL. In this tutorial we are going to be making a small web AR app in which you drop in a car and then drive it around.

To get started you’ll need to head over to 8th Wall and setup an account, it’s free to test and build demo apps but you…

I get that in theory it sounds like an awesome service from a customer perspective and I am with you there, I love my Spotify and Netflix subscriptions and they have definitely improved my media consumption experience. However, to the best of my knowledge, neither of them have had a massive effect on how either of their products are produced. This is where games differ; the scale, scope and entire design of a game is massively linked to the platform it is built for.

Now don’t get me wrong here many of the features proposed by the platforms sounds wonderful…

Marlon Gilliam

Games and Mobile developer with a passion for the tech and games industries.

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