SQLskills joining Pluralsight is a good news for all

Many can boast that they were trained by Paul and Kimberly Randal at SQLskills. That company is so highly regarded in SQL Server circle that having undergone training with them is considered a great privilege.

Not all of us will have the same privilege of sitting in an Immersion Event class (IE). Finance might not always be the problem. Many just couldn’t attend because of conflict of schedule or any other logistical concern.

However legitimate that reason might be, there’s no real excuse for us for not making ourselves available for such training, specially if it’s available online.

We owe it to ourselves to become better at our craft. That is true regardless of the industry we’re in.

That is why I was stoked to learn that SQLskills is joining forces with Pluralsight to deliver quality training content to SQL Server professionals.

SQLskills is a respected authority in SQL Server training. They are known for their Immersion Events and Microsoft Certified Master Training courses. Paul and Kimberly Randal, the founders, are elites in SQL Server mastery.

When you think of SQLskills training, you think of quality SQL Server training. These phrases are almost interchangeable. I’ve never gone to any IE class. I would want to, but I just don’t have the logistics to make that happen right now.

I’m so glad that, through the Pluralsigt-SQLskills strategic content partnership, I can now equip myself with quality SQL Server knowledge to gain new SQL Server skills to better prepare myself for opportunities down the road.

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