Ideas to Organize and Improve Storage in the Home

No matter how enthusiastic you are, managing smaller items is always the most frustrating task because these items are hard to contain. It may seem you are running out storage. For that purpose, you can buy extra boxes and plastic bins that wouldn’t do any good to the interior design you have been working hard to improve. However, you can use existing resources to enhance the storage but you would need to plan it carefully. Overall, it should be a fun to work on this project. Below are some ideas that may help you improve and organize the storage in the ideal way.

Organizing Kitchen

Kitchen is the place that always has a lot of items. If not organized well, those items would seem shattered inside and outside of the kitchen, making the daily maintenance job pretty difficult. Start working on storage enhancement of the kitchen. For this purpose, you can use pegboard organizers in the drawers, use discarded egg cartons to store cups, keep paper towels accessible and contained with the help of towel racks, use rotating food tray to make every jar on it accessible and much more.

Keep the clothing organized

Not organizing the clothing doesn’t only produce chaos in the closets but it also kills the space terribly. Since it’s easier to handle the full dresses, keeping the small items and undergarments from getting mixed with each other is a challenge. You certainly can’t use hangers for these small items but there is an elegant solution to this problem. You can get wooden boxes with a lot of small cells in it. Every cell can contain one item. Once you’ll need anything in the box, you can access it without any hassle.

For bigger clothes and dresses, install multiple rods in the dress closets. Those rods need to be installed parallel but in a way that front rod would be lower than the one behind it. Follow this sequence for all the rods. This way, the dresses hung with any rod would be visible and accessible.

Hidden Drawers and Closets

If your room is a place that is visited frequently by home members and your friends, you wouldn’t want all of the closets and drawers in your room to be visible. There is a trick you can play to hide these storage places. Design the fronts of those drawers and closets in a way that their visibility will fade as they would fit in the wall design pattern. Making a faux brick wall is the most convenient and viable option you can go with because faux panels can be easily cut due to their polyurethane content. Take measurement of the drawer fronts and cut the panels according to those measurements. Use those cut pieces on the drawer fronts and rest of the panels around the drawers.

Get the cords organized

Nothing is as messy as cords. No doubt you love technology because it automates a lot of things, but electronics bring a lot of cords with them, especially the mobile phones and computers that are powered by detachable cords. Sometimes, these stranded cords get mixed up with each and it takes a lot of mind power to untie these cords. The best way is to arrange the cords by keeping them separate. You can make a DIY cable box that would have several cells for each type of cord. Moreover, you can label every cord cell in order to make accessibility to every type of cord stress-free.