What We Talk About, When We Don’t Talk About Natives
Dia Lacina

One month ago I read an essay about Feminore’s “The last of the Mohicans” and how through his work one could see reflected how native americans were depicted in that period. The “ideology of savagism” which predominates in his western frontier mythology claims that native american were indeed brave, savage but impossible to be civilized, and as a result of this they were doomed to extinction. All this served a very clear purpose, that is, the justification of America western expansion because they had the right over land even though there was a romantic idea about native americans in his books. So, in this game, we go back to a uncivilized world, and there is where the prejudice ideas about native americans culture and way of living emerge. I have not played the game yet so I cannot judge it properly and I do not know if my post (linking Feminore’s work with Horizon universe) has any sense at all.

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