This week for me was a bit of a rollercoaster again, my dear friend “the confusion” invaded me once again. Last week I was able to understand all the assignments, I was clear on what to do. However, this week, I did not have a great week; the audio/sound/music-based assignment made feel completely lost. I could not hear no audio and I created three websites that I did not know what was it for.

Overall, this class have challenged my understanding quite a bit. This class have been a mixture of greats and not so great feelings for me. No so great because sometimes I feel that I do not understand what the assignment is about and even if I do the assignment, I do not feel confident with it.

In the other hand it is great the fact that it challenges me. I fee dared every time I cannot understand a project. That loss feeling pushes me to do my best and at the same time gives me the strength to do better for next.

To conclude my experience this week was not good when I had to work the audio/sound assignment however, I loved the daily creates because I see it as a form of art. To be more specific, I see it as a venting form of art where I can express a lot without saying much.

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