Advises from a young Sequoia

A Walk Among the Giants

1. Respire. And make sure every breath you take is leaving the world with something it did not have before.

2. Stick to the ground and hold on to it through thick and thin; autumn and winter. Eventually you will find your springs and blossom.

3. Drink water. There is no other nectar quite as good and no other thirst so easily quenched. It will teach you contentment.

4. You will face storms and hail and wind enough to shake your roots. You will face questions large enough to shake your strongest beliefs. But hold on. Come what may.

5. You will lose everything you hold dear. Eventually. For that is the nature of things. But do not make loss make you lose hope. Love, nonetheless. The dividends of love are always more than its loss.

6. Bear the sun with a proud face and offer shadows to those who need them.

7. Take pleasure in little joys as much as you take grief for large sorrows.

8. Find time to stand and see the sights.

9. Live, simply.

PS. More of what I write, is here.

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