Hope | A Panacea

A lone star guiding you in the gathering night.

Hope is an essential ingredient to the recipe of evolution. The world has always been coming to an end: and it has been coming to an end since the day it began. That is not surprising. What is surprising is we may have put the foot down on the gas to the trip there, no puns being intended. And in times like these, you hear of the Trappist system and it almost feels that those books are coming true. Whatever tomorrow brings, doom or a transgalactic cruise as frozen life forms to wake up in an alien world: we will always have hope. Until we walk through that bright door there is at the end, and maybe even after that. I am not sure. I have not crossed that threshold. But there is always hope.

The following is again a Faiz poem. It is something that I can bring up from memory at a moment’s notice and it is always there to egg me on. Here’s hoping that you find it good too!

Original [Devanagri Script]

आए कुछ अब्र कुछ शराब आए,
उसके बाद आए जो अज़ाब आए |

बाम-ए-मीना से माहताब उतरे,
दस्त-ए-साक़ि में आफताब आए |

हर रग-ए-खून फिर चरागान हो,
सामने फिर वो बेनक़ाब आए |

उम्र के हर वरक़ पे दिल को नज़र,
तेरी मेहर-ओ-वफ़ा के बाब आए |

कर रहा था गम-ए-जहाँ का हिसाब,
आज तुम याद बेहिसाब आए |

ना गयी तेरे गम की सरदारी,
दिल में यूँह रोज़ इंक़लाब आए |

जल उठे बज़म-ए-गैर के दर-ओ-बां,
जब भी हम खानमन खराब आए |

इस तरह अपनी खामोशी गूँजी,
गोया हर सिम्त से जवाब आए |

फ़ैज़ थी राह सर बसर मंज़िल,
हम जहाँ पहुँचे कामयाब आए |


Let some clouds roll in and some wine pour down from the skies,
Then, let all bring on, bring on all your calamities.

From the terraces of the sky, moon descends,
And from the cupbearer’s hands, the sun descents.

Every vein of blood is set ablaze again,
She walks unveiled towards me again.

On each page of this life, this heat receives,
Your countless courtesies and deceits.

I was bookkeeping the sorrows of this world,
Today, I remembered you beyond reckoning.

The passion of your love has still not left,
Though, the heart revolts each day.

The rivals’ abodes are aflame,
Seeing me come home in a state of inebriation.

In such a way, my silences echoed,
It felt as if the very corners of the universe replied.

Faiz, the destinations, were always along the road, 
Wherever I reached, I reached with the celebration of that end.

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