Sorry, but you are completely incorrect to equate capitalism and technological advances in the…

Your response shows how little you understand our current economic system. Without some form of transfer payment, this system will collapse. At present, too much wealth created through labour is being sucked and concentrated in the hands of a few rich folks. And just how much food or other basic goods can Mr Gates or his fellow Forbes 500 consume? The US economy relies for over 70% on consumption, and when a majority of people no longer have enough money to buy what they collectively contribute to produce, it’s the end game. That’s what some (at the time) smart capitalists like Henry Ford understood: if your workers aren’t paid enough to buy what they produce, your economic system is not sustainable. That is, until you bring in credit to compensate for the loss of consumption power.

The 2008 crisis was just a prelude: trying to enable the poor to buy a house they can’t otherwise afford.

Now to your argument about laziness, because that’s what you imply: if people are given a basic income for the rest of their lives, they will do nothing… Well, go talk to JK Rowling, writing Harry Potter while on UK welfare benefits. UBI actually boosts people’s motivation to find work because contrary to unemployment benefits, they don’t loose UBI once they find work, UBI and the salary from their newly found work now add up and allow them to satisfy even more desires. Basically, it’s switching from wage slavery (blackmailing workers to sell their labour force at horrible conditions by saying that if they don’t work they will die because they cannot have access to basic needs) into work incentives (sure, you can lies around and do nothing, and satisfy your most basic needs, but if you find work, you’ll be that much better off).

Finally, if you have any children, then you know the laziness argument is bullshit. Try telling your 3 year old to “not do anything and lie around”. It’s impossible. Humans are genetically configured, at birth, to explore, learn… It’s this corrupt society that beats all curiosity and motivation out of you. What is the Dream Capitalism sells? Laziness: everyone wants to be filthy rich so they can “do nothing” (as in, being a shareholder and raking enough passive income, a form of Universal Basic Income for the rich, to do nothing). So basically, Capitalism creates laziness to justify the need for wage slavery. Very clever.

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