Endings. Beginnings. Another year.

Many many things happened to me this year. And some incredible experiences. And now, at the end of the year, I am at the verge. Standing and watching the great cloud of the unknown from the safe shores I used to stand on for the past three years.

Believing in something is not easy. There are so many pitfalls and drawbacks and the barrier of terror is always there to push you back. Make you stop. Sometimes you need to stop. Re-think, re-group and come back stronger.

And I truly believe that. Each fall, each setback of the last year, I came back stronger, more resilient. More confident in what I want to do and who I am.

I am a gamer but more importantly I am a Game Maker! We never back down from a challenge and we keep at it until the bitter end. But the main point here is not the fact we keep trying but the fact that we create (Within ourselves and sometimes others) the hope of succeeding and becoming better at it. I believe that gaming has made me more optimistic and more resilient to some degree. It also helped me see and vision clear goals to follow.

Many things happened this year. I released an interactive book with an amazing partner and mentor. I followed my dreams and failed (Multiple times). I experienced great joy and sadness. I have 2 amazing children who are growing up in amazing ways I cannot even start to fathom and a wife that loves me in spite of all my (many many) deficiencies.

2 experiences which I feel I want to share. They were shining beacons this last year which was very challenging to me.

The Witcher 3 and the expansion — Hearts of Stones (Which I finished 30 minutes ago) where incredible experiences for me as a gamer and also as a game maker. A mature, grown, deep story. A living, breathing world and an incredible immersive experience which I have seen so very little in digital games. This was by far the best game I played this year and I can only be humbled by the amazing work CD Projekt Red and all the people who worked on it did. A true work of art like the novels of old. Words can do so little to describe this great experience so just — Go be The Witcher.

The second experience was from Star Wars The Force Awakens. It took me by total surprise. I was waiting for the movie of course. I saw the trailers but avoided spoilers. The day me and my friends went to see the movie we did the Machete order marathon (Episodes IV, V, II, III, VI) and we were all immersed in the world by the time the movie started. I never expected it to be such an emotional experience for me. The movie’s flow is incredible, along with the build-up, character progression and eventually the climax. The last 30 seconds. Catharsis washed over me and I cried — I cried for a long time. Couldn’t stop. And couldn’t discuss it until now.

Rey’s Theme Medley

That brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. And it will for a long time. I vowed never to watch the original movies again until my kids are old enough to experience them. With me.

I make the jump. I leave the shores. I am ready for the unknown. 2016 is going to be amazing. And even though I cannot see through the fog I know it is there. That shining light. That beacon which will tell me… Finally… That I am home.

Have an amazing year!


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