The One Wrong Question We’re Asking Our Kids
Ndaa Hassan

I am so glad that you address this question, which revolves around a major issue for all children and youth today. We at IYDE focus on addressing this issue through mentorship but I believe that it must be widely addressed from every angle (parenting, schooling, worhip base): FREE WILL. In our moment in history, particularly in America, we have come to worhip free will as well as taken it for granted, however, having a free will to do, or say, or chose from a myrrhiad of choices does not render free will of benefit to one or anyone in particular. Nor does it automatically render one more free. When we start asking children to question what their place in the world is, we are asking them to define from an early on time what kind of world they envision. When we propose the question, what problem do you wanna solve, we in fact give them wings to fly, we propose the question: how is your free will used towards the goal of a world where things are better not for you (in a selfish way) but for the world in a caring and building way. Some time ago we went astray, making our own self the center of the world, that is what “what do YOU want to BE when you grow up” means in essence. It’s a selfish drive to execute free will to apease my desire. Thanks Ndaa for shaking it a bit.