My Luck Switched Up

It was an early Friday morning. I woke feeling a bit groggy as many do after a long week of work. However this Friday was a bit special, not only because I randomly woke up earlier then my alarm was set, but also the console that had been teasing me for months on end had finally arrived.

I had missed pre-orders on every site available, dimming my hopes for any possibility of getting my hands on another interesting gadget from Nintendo’s line of crazy consoles. Adding to this, I had seen people the day before waiting in line outside of several of my local Gamestops. Walking into the store to speak with one of the employees, I first asked if these people were out of their minds. What were they doing? Were there even any Swiches in stock for tomorrow’s launch? To my surprise, the employee informed me that the store actually had received the console! His response was then followed by a serious stigma, they had only received nine items…seriously.. just nine!

The response completely slashed my hopes, however it was launch day.. and I was up early. You know what, screw it! I’m feeling lucky today. So I drove a few minutes down the road, still in my shorts, to my local Target. Parked out front, I realized that if things went badly — I could console myself at the Chick-Fil-A next door where I could get chicken minis and lemonde to soothe my crushed soul. I jumped out of my car and strolled into the electronics department. Shockingly.. there was no line! I figured Target had already sold out of the consoles, so I was preparing myself for defeat. Somehow.. I walked up to to great news.. they had THIRTY consoles still in stock! HUH?!? WHAT?!? HOW CAN THIS BE?!? The manager said they received 60 units and the 30 is what they had left (Still unwilling to sell me a second when I returned with a fake mustache haha) All Red/Blue units had sold out by the time I arrived, so I gratefully purchased the all black model and a copy of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

So ecstatic about the purchase, I celebrated with Chick-Fil-A breakfast anyway as a celebration champagne substitute of sorts. I drove home and quickly set up my Switch while showering and dressing for work. Remembering that one of the special features of this console is that I can bring it with me, I downloaded 1–2 switch for coworkers of mine to be able to enjoy and try out for themselves.

Later that day as I arrived at work and sat down in our open work space with my fellow co-workers, I pulled the Switch out of my bag. Suddenly large gasps were followed by intrigue and interest in trying out the different games. I was happy to share with them as that is what many Nintendo games are all about! People were laughing, jumping around, and enjoying being able to pay games that reminded them of the original Wii sports in an office setting (or a bar, who’s to say).

After a day of fun and laughs, I got home and decided to set up the TV docking station so that I could give Zelda a run for its money. The Switch docked easily, no matter how many times I pulled it out of the dock and put it back in again. The transition from screen to screen was instantaneous and never interrupted gameplay. I was extremely impressed. As many gadget nerds know, first generation isn’t always the smoothest experience Who knows.. I may have gotten lucky twice that day as there have been multiple articles put out about users with bricked units or damaged screens. Regardless of these potential issues, my unit has been performing as Nintendo adversised.

In the short period of time I have played the Nintendo Switch I have enoyed it greatly. Every configuration of hardware feels comforable and natural. All of the hardware is beautifully made. There are only two limitations that haven’t been exactly what I’d hoped for. Firstly, the Nintendo eShop is very limited. For better or worse, Zelda and 1–2 Switch are about the only games available. With hardware as versitile as the Switch, I can only hope and imagine what developers will be releasing. Secondly, the controller grip is comfortable and holds the Joy-Cons well. For the life of me, I don’t understand why they didn’t put a battery in it to keep the controllers charged when not attached to the console.

Overall, I think this is a great step forward for Nintendo. Once the game library is expanded it will be a must-have for most homes. Whether you’re a gamer or not, the fun is to hard to resist!

Some of the more eagle-eyed readers out there may have noticed that my Switch came with black Joy-Cons and my pictures have the red/blue ones. It just so happens that a nearby gamestop had one set of red/blue ones left which I purchased. If you’re interested, the black Joy-Cons are for sale on eBay.. what a deal! haha (