Share Your Success Tuesday
Nicole Dieker

I was offered a freelance project that I originally turned down. I didn’t need the money too badly, they needed a rush job, it’s been a busy month yadda yadda. But they pressed, so I did something I’d never done before — I named a price I felt like my work was worth. I researched, I calculated how much of it would go towards taxes and just thought fine, I’ll do it for X amount or I won’t do it at all. And I let my offer float out into the world…and they agreed!

I had stopped taking on freelance work because in the past I had always ended up saying yes to terrible rates and jerks who convinced me that I should give up my free time and do their shitty projects for ‘exposure’. Freelancing had always ended up with me crying on a sunday night because I’d spent the weekend editing some artist’s manifesto for forty dollars instead of enjoying my day off by slow-cooking meatballs while bingeing Facts of Life reruns.

Anyway, working for what you’re worth feels awesome, I had still had time for three episodes of Orphan Black this past weekend, and I’m going to do a much bigger project for the same client in a few months’ time. HELL YEAH.

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