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A light-skinned woman, somewhere between 30 and 50, is captured on video having a disagreement with a grocery store manager. It’s getting a bit heated. The woman loudly and repeatedly insists that the manager is wrong and should give her a refund on whatever it is she doesn’t like. You can hear the person videotaping saying to their companion, “What a Karen.”

We don’t know the context within which this captured, and probably viral, video took place. If a video clearly shows someone doing something wrong, there’s a reason to be angry. There’s justification for calling them out on their truly shitty behavior. But these videos aren’t always that obvious. Where many videos on Twitter show this same demographic throwing food, yelling about not wanting to wear a mask, or being bigoted, the one in the scenario shows none of that. Yet, she, like all the others, is a Karen. Why? …

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If you sit down and think about some aspect of your life as it is now, you can probably trace your life backwards in time to moments where your decision influenced the future. I could say now, for instance, that I’m particularly bloated at the moment because I had a really spicy Vindaloo for lunch and drank half of my 50 oz. water bottle to ease the wonderful pain.

When most people try to figure out how they got somewhere, they look linearly, as I did above. That’s not a bad thing in itself, but I was only discussing my bloated belly and future prediction that I would have to go to the bathroom. …


Marni Troop

Fascinated by the systems in which we exist. Follow me on Twitter & IG: @marnilbtroop

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