Tracey Pharoah

Thank you for this, Tracey… and for the Time you have invested in the ‘In Your Own Words’ collection.

Ironically, I’ve been sitting here in a coffee shop journaling about the same thing after spending a good 40 minutes ‘playing’ in Instagram. I had already turned off all Facebook notifications a few days ago and had just finished doing the same with Instagram when the Medium notification of your story came across the top of my screen. I came right over to read it because I care about what you have to say and appreciate our connection.

However… how does one balance that craving for connection without getting caught up in the addiction to social media? This is the question I will be pondering as I, too, step away for a bit. I am so grateful for the global connections afforded by the World Wide Web, but how healthy is it to be turning to our digital devices continuously throughout the day rather than being fully present to our physical community? How can one effectively balance both?

Cheers to the re-evaluation of Time and how we choose to spend this valuable resource!!