I personally believe that featuring life into three main stages based on quality standards is something by far very genuine. At almost , everyone has came across this first phase in the extreme of the spectrum where the individual realises that he is in that sort of cage , surrounded by steel wire fences set by his state of mind. Ain't all people had to experience this, but a well balanced life flow between you, God , family and friends may have helped you dodge this phase. It’s not about how much affluent the one is but how stable he is by means of deep thinking , seeing life differently… The kind of caged people ( which I was among them before) always and I was always pointing out how luckiest others are , looking at this and at that , criticising … In a nutshell I was and 70% of Moroccans are at the moment expressing that anger against their families , their religion but somehow non against their peers. For me , it was a bad life chapter , miserable mindset , albeit , I had realised that it had come to an end , finished with something that broke two years ago that cage, something giving birth to new life horizons and breaking down anger , ego , resigning , life traps , self refute …..

These new life horizons comprise the second phase which is triggered by a novelty , a decision, a fact or a person ( LOVE). This thing creates something new that , as Brendon speculates, comes mainly from us. A moment where the individual says and writes down that he has to take control of his life marks the beginning of the comfortable state quest. This kind of maturity takes along with our development as social persons and intellectual individuals with some out weighing here and then depending on the person background. And that’s where , as Brendon said and I quote ‘ when you knock the door of opportunity , it’s work that responses ‘. Actually 28% of Moroccan are experiencing this phase as figures in hard work , perseverance , family support. The person with all these factors ends up with tone of personal freedom ( not work freedom), skills , temporary satisfaction and confidence . I’m remarkably in that process chasing the comfortable life.
Finally , the transition between the ‘ fine’ tell and the ending of life spectrum , also represented by the charged life, is somehow a luxury add on. It’s the passion pursuit in my standpoint the happiness pursuit , a position where you are comfortable and uncomfortable , being challenged with something very simple but will make you happy in , enthusiastic and self fulfilled once accomplished. This thing must be the answer of the question that our parents used to tell us back in time : ‘ what do you want to be in the future ? ‘ Finding the right answer is extremely hard and it figures out with time as we know ourselves deeper and deeper.

When you attend this state , know that you can live your life loud , enjoy it and prepare for the other life.

And all above that , GOD’s will is what opens doors to you , leads you and saves you , knowing of course that YOU are a good person , an honest spirit , a valuable individual.

Maroine AKKI