Because you’re “too nice”…

When you’re being nice and kind, people think that you are dumb to the point that you’ll be a doormat. But nice people know when to draw the line and to impose respect and limits.

You’re nice, you’re expected to always be the bigger person, the nicer person, and the more forgiving person. So you should treat people the way they treat you.

You’re nice, you’re expected to always be helpful, to always please them, to always accept their requests. You should be strong enough to refuse and to say: NO.

You’re nice, you’re expected to be the one who is always helping out, the one who is always doing things for others, the one who is always here for others. You should start asking favors, just like they do. You have a history of taking care of others before your own and you’re not allowed to ever change that, put yourself first.

You’re nice, you’re expected to stay silent and soundless. They don’t think you would complain about something, they think you don’t have any limits. Say it, say what you want to say, show them that you do have feelings, you know when you’ve had enough.

You’re nice, you’re expected to always smile from ear to ear. Come on, you’re a human being who can have a bad day and feel not well.

You’re nice, you’re expected to always forgive and let go, forget and move one like you always do. They know that you have a sensitive heart and you’re easily swayed by what other people tell you. It’s wrong, no one knows you better than you do to yourself. Sometimes, you should cut people out of your life.

It’s hard for people to accept silent treatment from you because you’re always known for being too nice even if someone hurt you. You should stop giving more chances to people, you can decide to whom you can talk and to whom you cannot talk anymore. You are not weak, you can achieve, and you can be successful. When you do, you confuse people, because they’re used to see you down, because you always seem like you’re a dumb person and you’re always going with the flow. It’s time to say no more to your current life of being nice and silent, let the monster inside go out, work hard and achieve. Time to surprise the ones who break you down, and stop showing up with your “too nice” façade.