Signs you might actually be a Christian

This is a list for the internet. That means both that it’s not comprehensive and that it contains too much information. Read accordingly.

  1. You have concern for other people. This might mean that you give money to charities or it might mean that you ask genuine but hamfisted questions about their sexuality. You know that this means that black lives matter. It might mean you volunteer at the local animal or homeless shelter or it might mean that you travel to Haiti to try and help people there. You do any of these things out of genuine concern not because other people are going to hell or because you are better than them. Thinking you are better than other people or about other people going to hell isn’t Christian.
  2. You like, love, respect, get frustrated with, were saved by, are convicted by, and/or are confused by Jesus.
  3. You don’t display your wealth lavishly. You might be rich, or poor, but you don’t try to look like the amount of money you have. You also know that you should try not to worry about money so much.
  4. You know that you are connected to both Jews and Muslims. You know that other Christians and Jews and Muslims are in a real way family to you.
  5. You might not belong to a political party or you might. In any event, you know that you can’t vote Republican anymore, at least for a while.
  6. You go to church sometimes.
  7. You know that God made the earth and called it good. You know that this means that oil spills and other ecological disasters are a big problem. You try to do things to help the earth.