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Glands are one of the most important organs in the body of humans and animals. Glands are responsible for releasing hormones and other substances in the bloodstream or into the cavities inside the bodies. In terms of Botany, a gland is a secreting cell or group of cells on or within a plant structure. In both these forms, it is responsible for the secretion of synthesized substances for use in the body which is very important for survival. Apart from these organs, there are different types of glands too. Glands that work contrary to the organ glands. Their job is quite the opposite. These types of glands are an important part of the cable industry.

The cable industry is the one that supplies the long cables that run through the ground or the cables that are connected between the electricity poles. These cables are used for various reasons. For supplying electricity, broadband connection, telephone lines are some of the many important uses of cables. Do you ever wonder how do these cables run for such long and immeasurable distances without falling apart? Are these cables produced in such long lengths or are these connected in between? Manufacturing the cables for such long lengths would be impossible and also, for a lot of purposes you require cables of smaller lengths.

Now, when it comes to connecting two cables together the device used for this is called a gland. These are metallic devices that differ depending upon the kind of cables that needs connecting. Metal cable glands come in various designs and of various brands. Sometimes the cables that are connected together are of the same size. But, there are other cases where the two cables that need connection could be of different sizes and in such cases the gland needs to be different size on both ends. Such cases where the cables are of varied sizes arrive mostly in industries and for these special industrial cable connectors are used. It should not be surprising given the fact that industries have a much higher requirement of cabling because of higher amount of operations that go on at one time.

For all kinds of use, the metal cable glands and the industrial cable connectors can be easily found on the internet. Myriad online portals sell cable glands of different kinds of models, designs and brands. Depending upon your specific use, you could choose the one that fits your needs.

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