Achievement Unlocked: 1 Year on Github! 🏆🎉🙌

Where do I even start? A couple days from today marks my first year on GitHub! Woot right? If I’m honest, that particular fact isn’t all that important, but what is important is the progression of my life since then. Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep this short 😉

A year ago, I didn’t even know what Git or Github was. Crazy right? It’s even more shocking is that I was in the process of dropping college. Being the only child, you can try to imagine the excitement on my aunt’s face when I notified her about dropping out: close to none. Don’t get me wrong, college was amazing! I made a lot of friends and experienced new things, but college was draining me financially. $30,000 a year wasn’t exactly my idea of a great deal, I would have loans till my funeral. The main problem was the material I was learning for that price. Apart from the social aspect, college seemed boring, uninteresting and it hardly fed my creative side.

Halfway through the second semester, I was 100% sure about dropping. The only problem was: what am I going to do afterwards? I didn’t want to leave college without a plan. I considered moving to Chiang Mai and I even considered joining the military. I was down for anything, I just couldn’t drop so much money for an education that didn’t even feed my interest.

After quickly realizing that moving to Chiang Mai could end up being messy, I looked into alternative ways of educating myself about tech. At the time, Most of my computer science education came from Youtube and Udemy. Learning online was cool, but being new to the tech scene, it was hard seeing how 15$ courses online would provide for my family.

While considering the drop from college, I heard about these amazing (and honestly sketchy) things called Coding boot camps. It sounded amazing: Come work for two months and afterwards, you’ll be equipped with the tools to build websites and Apps.

I was sold! I could finally feed that creative side. I could make literally anything with just a couple (thousand 😐) Lines of code! But a Problem arose: I was currently attending college on the other side of the country (Tennessee) at the time, all of these boot camps were located in California. Quickly, the level of my excitement correlated with the level questions that popped up.

Where am I going to find the money to buy plane tickets? 
How am I going to afford rent? 
How am I going to have food to eat? 
Let’s not mention the initial cost if the boot camps in the first place.

I would be lying if said my passion for creating didn’t drive me blind. Dropping out of college? Flying to the other, expensive, side of the country? Dropping, even more, money for these sketchy sounding boot camps? Most people plan years before making moves like this and they have money to fall back on. All my decisions were made within the timespan of a couple months. I had no money, a scared aunt, and a shaky plan.

Alas, eight months later, I’m in California! I bit the bullet, took a risk, and bought a plane ticket to San Francisco. The Lord provided the way and I applied for Make School’s summer academy. After that, I moved step forward and proceeded to join their 2-year product academy. All I can say is that my life has changed immensely for the better. I’m currently working hard every day while learning more about the industry. I am now building apps for small companies and soon will be looking for a full-time job.

So, as I sit in Starbucks at 5:30 am typing this on a dying MacBook, I look back, convinced the decision I made was the right one. Of course, the journey is far from over, but things are looking up from here.

-With Blessings
Marquavious Draggon