Hard Work Pays Off for Second Year SAHE Students

It is that time of year again when second-year Masters students complete their degrees and showcase the knowledge they gained over the course of their time on campus. In their last semester, Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) students complete a final capstone project, called the “Office Consultation Project,” to bring together the information they were taught over the semesters. “The Capstone class, and the Office Consultation Project in particular, helps students to synthesize the content they learned throughout the program and apply it to practice. The project reflects our commitment in the SAHE program to teaching students how to apply theory to practice,” explained Dr. Jody Jessup-Anger, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of the SAHE program.

As the faculty member teaching the course, Dr. Jessup-Anger solicits projects from clients (typically a department within either student or academic affairs at Marquette University or other area institutions). These clients then give a brief presentation of their issue to the students who choose which topic to address. Students then spend the spring semester looking at the issue, conducting a literature review, and meeting with their clients. In the final weeks of the semester, the students prepare a report and presentation as they present the results of their research and provide recommendations for resolution.

Along with the hard work, students find themselves feeling more prepared in interviews while preparing and researching the issue or question given by the client. “Students have reported that as a result of the project they feel more prepared to interview for jobs and also to implement change in their professional lives,” stated Dr. Jessup-Anger. All of the time and effort will pay off for future professional development.

This year, students had the opportunity to work with one of the three clients listed below:

  • Office of Institutional Research and Analysis and the Career Services Center, Examining best practices for collecting First Destination Outcome Information
  • The Graduate School, Assessing merit-based financial aid/discount rate in humanities-based graduate programs
  • Office of Residence Life, Assessing Marquette’s Living-Learning Communities.

All groups prepared detailed reports and presentations and demonstrated their hard work throughout the semester. Congratulations SAHE Class of 2017!

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