By Margaret Cahill Aitza Cabrera and Ricky Labrada

Music has been written into the scores of human culture since the beginning of civilization — or perhaps even prior. Man has always been drawn to this mode of artistic expression, making it deeply human and integral to our lives and wellness.

Colwyn Trevarthen, Emeritus Professor of Child Psychology and Psychobiology at the University of Edinburgh found in a 2002 study that even infants had “innate psychological foundations of both musical behaviour and musical awareness that are unique to human beings.”

Many studies have found positive correlations between music and mental wellbeing…

A short interview featuring Dan Lambton of Real Friends Chicago based rock band

By Caroline White, Jenna Thompson and Sanya Sawlani

Cú, the therapy dog, is available to students for walk-in appointments often.

For some lucky Marquette faculty, every day is bring your dog to work day. While helping students de-stress or being a furry companion while on the scene of a crime, Marquette is home to two dogs working to make campus a better place.

Cú, the Great Pyrenees is home to Marquette’s Counseling Center as a certified therapy dog and Nattie, the friendly mutt is home to Marquette University Police Department as a community outreach dog.

Both dogs were originally rescue dogs and have found their forever homes on campus.

Dr. Mike Zebrowski…

By Zoe Comerford

For some athletes, having to balance school and work can be difficult. Yet some Marquette student-athletes seem to exceed both athletically and in the classroom with limited stress.

One aspect that has helped many Golden Eagles succeed in Division I athletics is from playing at least two sports in high school, which prepared them for a vigorous practice and travel schedule.

Megan Menzuber, a women’s lacrosse attacker, played four sports at Holy Family Catholic High School. She played hockey, soccer, lacrosse and tennis. …

Marquette Global Pop-up Newsroom

7 universities and independent journalists from all over the world join hands to bring forth some incredible stories on “Health and Wellbeing”.

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