Preparing for the Pope

Local children who live near the Seminary are doing “a practice” of how they will greet Pope Francis in the morning.
Marquette University students Dan Barrett and Aaron Tyler McCoy traveled to Philadelphia and are staying at St. Joe’s University to experience the visit of Pope Francis. Here are scenes from their journey.

The evening before Pope Francis arrives, the St. Charles Borromeo Seminary is quiet and slowly patrolled by a large squad of police cars. The Seminary, which is a stone’s throw away from St. Joe’s campus, is where Pope Francis will be staying during his time in Philadelphia. The Pope is expected to make an appearance on campus (driving through the campus) in the morning on Saturday.

The row of police cars guards the perimeter of the seminary.

Aaron Tyler and Dan on SJU’s campus.

Man walks through campus at SJU.

The Gym at St. Joe’s where more than 100 students from schools around the country will be sleeping in cots.

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