(Re)Starting a food blog and now I’m trapped in Australia

The whole reason I chose to become a digital nomad was so that I could work less and play more. I thought that I would miraculously shed my urges to use up all of my time working on some project or another.

But of course, some things don’t change.

So here I am, re-starting my vegan food blog. I started it 10 years ago when I first discovered the raw food diet. As I played with recipes in my kitchen at night, I wrote about them from my office during the day.

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My entire 9 to 5 experience during that time involved me building my food blog from the office computers when I was probably supposed to be doing something else.

After a few years, though, I quit blogging.

I literally walked away from it, sold all of my belongings, and left the country.

I traveled for a while, bouncing from country to country through Central and South America. My goal was to find a place I liked enough to live for a while.

Then I would hunker down in some foreign country and learn some skills online so that I would never have to apply for another job again.

And that’s exactly what I did.

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I lived in Ecuador for a few years, mostly writing online as a newborn freelancer. I wrote for a Diabetes blog that paid me $20 per article. I had to come up with a new topic every day of the week, something that makes me cringe now as a digital marketer.

I felt like a walking encyclopedia for Diabetes. I knew an astonishing amount about the disease, including all of the Diabetic friendly recipes to go with it.

I once wrote a piece about the Vikings and how they used psilocybin before heading into war.

I wrote a nauseating amount of articles about lawn care and home improvement projects.

And somehow, after just a few years, I was able to find my way into a profession in marketing as if I were here all along.

So then I thought, hey, it’s time I put all this energy into something I created myself. Like my raw food blog.

For some of the years that I was traveling, I used to send bulk emails to friends, family, passing acquaintances, and old Tinder dates like journal entries. Kinda like this post right here.

I would update them on where I was, what I had seen, and the local history. And if any of those readers are now reading this, then they know that I ended up in Australia because I met a cute Aussie boy in Thailand and I’m a sucker for accents.

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Now that I’m re-building my blog, I thought I’d move those journal entries online, cuz, you know, brand awareness.

And also, it’s kinda a lot of work to re-build a blog. Maybe I’ll be able to share some of the processes in a way that’s helpful for other bloggers. Or, whatever.

I’m a blogger that writes about blogging on her blog 💃

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see more of you.

Much love,


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Plant-based, yogi, digital nomad, and millennial trying to figure out how to do more of what I love with as little impact as possible ↣ www.marquismatson.com

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