Marquita Payne
Marquita Payne
Marquita Payne

FRISCO, TX / MAY 5, 2020 / The journey up the corporate ladder can be different for everyone, particularly young minority professionals. Not all demographic groups have the same experiences but there are many pathways to success. Marquita Payne, a minority professional herself, has learned these pathways in her own career journey in the recruitment and human resource industries. Now a successful Recruiting Lead at a renowned corporation, she shares her own secrets about how young minorities can forge their own career path.

The first step Marquita Payne recommends is to find a valuable mentor. “Mentorship is an invaluable opportunity…

Marquita Payne
Marquita Payne
Marquita Payne

FRISCO, TX / May 5, 2020 / Diversity isn’t something that exists in every workplace, but according to experts like Marquita Payne, workforce diversity should be a company goal. Marquita Payne recently discussed why workforce diversity is such an essential part of a successful company.

Recruitment professional Marquita Payne discusses the major advantages of companies having a diverse workforce.

“Bringing people of all different walks of life into your company means you enjoy a variety of different perspectives,” Marquita Payne says. “These perspectives can mean superior problem solving, unique ideas, and so much more.” When employees come from a variety…

When it comes to the workplace, diversity is key. If you lack a diversity of people, you often lack a diversity of perspectives. Marquita Payne explains why this is.

Frisco, TX/ April 15, 2020 / Diversity is an important factor in any good business, and one of the biggest challenges for many is that they are able to recognize when it is lacking and, in turn, taking corrective measures to fix this. There are people who may deride the decision to seek diversity in the workplace, believing that it will result in unqualified people from underrepresented groups being employed. However…

There are barriers to success that are difficult to overcome, especially for African Americans graduating from college. Marquita Payne Chicago has advice to help them out.

Frisco, TX / March 31, 2020 / To this very day, African-American college graduates face increased difficulty in finding careers in their chosen profession. They typically have to work twice as hard for the same job with comparable experience to white college graduates. All hope is not lost, however; there are things one can do to overcome this, and Marquita Payne Chicago is here to provide examples to help those affected out.

Tips and Practices Recommended by Marquita Payne Chicago

There are…

The coronavirus is a once-in-a-century incident, proving quite dangerous. This has affected a lot of industries, and Marquita Payne Chicago explains the impact on travel.

Chicago, IL / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2020 / The coronavirus is a complicated beast and has very quickly turned into a global pandemic after originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan and quickly spreading all over the world. The virus is highly transmittable, though it should be noted that it is not airborne. In order to combat the virus, governments and other organizations have strongly encouraged various measures, including self-isolation and social distancing in…

Having a safe space you can go to is of the utmost importance if you are a member of a minority group, and Marquita Payne provides diverse choices for multiple groups.

For members of minority groups, being able to go to a business and know that the employees and story policy doesn’t allow for discriminatory or abusive behavior towards you is a big deal. No matter if you are a member of a marginalized ethnic group, a trans person, a sexual minority, or even simply a woman, certain environments may not be accommodating to them, either due to poor staff…

The ambivalence of millennials has been reported repeatedly, but what about those in the cohort like Marquita Payne who is working to make a difference? As a Christian, Marquita Payne Frisco draws on her faith to help her succeed as a businesswoman and a follower of Christ.

Marquita Payne, Chicago native, is a diligent businesswoman that draws on her faith in both her personal and professional lives. Her work makes a difference and allows her to make the world a better place while also providing for her family and community.

The work of Marquita Payne is often looked upon by her community as exemplary, and she is considered “one to watch” both in her hometown of Chicago, IL and her current town of Frisco, TX.

She works as a Human Resource Leader as well as…

Mentoring Individuals Like Marquita Payne, of Chicago Help At Risk Girls Have More Successful Careers in the Future

Research studies have revealed an interesting fact. Having a successful woman regularly involved in a teenage girls’ life, can have a profound impact on their future; Marquita Payne from Chicago has developed mentorship programs for high risk youth

Marquita Payne embraces this role in her community for at risk teenage girls. Payne is a talent acquisition professional and recognized as a leading planner of glamorous events. However, there is another side to this awe-inspiring professional. …

Marquita Payne

Experienced Talent Acquisition Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the retail and consulting industry.

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