Top 10 Affordable Bridal Designers in India

Your wedding date is near and you are still in confusion about what to wear? Finalizing wedding outfits seems to be lots of confusing and time taking. Of course, every bride wants to look different and want all eyes on her in the ceremony. Well, whether you may succeed in getting a good lehenga or bride outfit or not, still guests and of course groom will have their eyes on you. Moreover, affording a top bridal designer is the first thing that everyone does. Budget and bride outfit sometimes don’t go hand in hand. But bridal exhibitions in Mumbai By marriage mantra will make your way easy.

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Winters mean wedding season in India. And the marriage mantra is the perfect place where you can explore incredible designer dresses and other boutiques. Furthermore, you will get a range of outfits that you can wear throughout the wedding season. Not only brides but also those who are looking for unique designs can come to bridal exhibitions in Mumbai. You can check for bags, footwear, gift items, jewelry, lifestyle products, and even garments at marriage mantra.

Who all designers will book a stall for exhibition in Mumbai?

Well, at the marriage mantra’s fashion exhibitions in Mumbai you can expect all the top bridal designers of India. Beautiful bridal outfits will be showcased by the top and affordable designers. Theme-based wedding exhibitions are new in the categories.

A beautiful bride deserves a beautiful outfit. And these designers exactly know how to stitch traditional yet modern lehenga cholis. So, check out who are the known faces of India who offer affordable and breathtaking lehengas.

1. MahimaMahajan

If you like floral designs then MahimaMahajan is an expert in playing with such designs. Her designed outfits are elegant and affordable.

2. VVani

Looking for a dream lehenga for a dream wedding? You will love the detailed work and the intricate designs on the lehenga.

3. Rianta’s

The best debutant designer of 2017, Rianta bridal outfits are breathtaking outfits that are full of fresh designs and affordable as well.

4. Malasa

Malasa is a new member who plays wells with the designs to carve out something unique. Their designs have a jewel tone that gives a dreamy bridal outfit to the bride within their budget.

5. AnishaShetty

The beautiful designs by her will make you stop at the exhibitions.

6. Ayika

If you are a bride who doesn’t want embellished outfits with heavy work but still want your groom to hold his eyes on you, Ayika is best. Her simple yet elegant bridal wears will stun you.

7. The peach project

Lightweight lehengas with colors of summer within budget are specialties of the peach project that you will get at marriage mantra’s wedding exhibitions in Mumbai.

8. Jade

Heavy and traditional dresses by Jade are full of shimmering and sparkling work. All the bridal dresses have a matte look.

9. Rocky S

For a contemporary look, check out the designs by Rocky S.

10. J JValaya

Blend of historic Indian artifacts in bridal dresses by him is something you should not miss.

All the top bridal designers will book a stall for an exhibition in Mumbai. Don’t miss out on them in the upcoming exhibitions by Marriage Mantra.


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