Weekend Couples Counseling Retreat at Our 3 Acre Farmhouse

Finding a marriage retreat near you that can help improve your relationship is what we do at Relationship Rescue Academy.

We offer couples retreats in a beautiful contemporary rustic farmhouse in a peaceful, relaxing setting located in the country, but close enough to the city to get a bite to eat or stroll through our adorable downtown.

We offer a two, three or four day marriage retreat packages for couples contemplating divorce, or couples seeking help for a newly discovered affair.


We have two locations for your convenience. One of which is located in Kokomo, Indiana and the other is located in Orange County, California.


When you sign up for a marriage intensive with Relationship Rescue Academy, Lodging is included for your stay at our Marriage Renewed Farmhouse.

Professional Marriage Therapist

When you arrive at our retreat you’ll be paired with a marriage therapist, who has the skill set to work with even the most challenging issues.

We want to make the research process as easy as possible so email us to speak with our intensive coordinator, and she’ll answer any questions that you might have about our retreat.

If you want to schedule a time to speak with our therapist, you can do that as well by signing up for a consultation.

Private Retreat Not a Group Effort

This private couple’s intensive retreat helps you to leave all the stresses and distractions of your life behind so that you can put your full focus on connecting with your partner.

If your relationship seems to lack passion or if you find that you now feel a lack of connection with the one person you promised to spend the rest of your life with, this may be the experience that can help you reconnect.

This retreat program is designed to transform the conflict in your marriage into a healing connection as well as support you in building a firm foundation for future intimacy in your marriage.

Why Attend Our Marriage Counseling Retreat

According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 50% of marriages will end in divorce. That’s not just true for people who hold a marriage certificate, it’s something that can happen to every couple.

It’s not unusual that over time, many couples drift apart and find that they find it harder to be as open with each other as they were in the beginning of the relationship. Sometimes it’s so drastic that the couples find they live entirely separate lives.

It’s common for couples entering unstable waters to say, “We don’t talk anymore.”

That’s when you know your relationship needs help, and there’s no shame in admitting it!

This is where Relationship Rescue Academy comes in. Our unique, marital retreat will put you and your partner in contact with a trained relationship therapist and allow you to work through, and discover the root cause of what’s holding your marriage back in a non-judgemental environment.

What is Relationship Rescue Academy?

Relationship Rescue Academy was set up to help couples through the tough times. There comes a time in almost every relationship where you might need some help.

How do couples stay married for decades at a time? The secret is working at your relationship.

Relationship Rescue Academy gives you and your partner a chance to work at your relationship in a peaceful, relaxing environment with the help of knowledgeable and highly trained marriage therapist.

During your couples retreat stay at either our Farmhouse in Indiana or home in California, you are partnered with a trained, professional marriage therapist who will work with you and your spouse for the duration of your stay.

This makes it a preferred option for many couples who want to work through their problems in a setting that is both safe and private.

What Happens During Our Intensive Couples’ Therapy

During our intensive therapy programs, you are assigned a therapist who works with you and your partner for the entire duration of your stay.

We understand that couples experience a variety of different problems, some psychological, some physical, some emotional and some financial — and our counselors are equipped to cope with a wide range of various situations and dynamics.

Our retreats offer therapeutic help that gets right to the point, and all of our sessions are presented in a one-to-one format with no other couples in attendance.

We focus on your individual relationship in a private setting and teach you and your partner practical techniques so that you can get to the real issues behind your relationship, learn to communicate and learn how to work together.

In Conclusion

Couples who have attended our retreats report that they are much happier with their relationships afterwards.

With us, therapy takes place in a 1-on-1 setting and is tailored to your individual needs. You’ll meet one-on-one with your therapist, and won’t have to sit through group sessions with other couples: You can just work on your relationship privately.

Visit our website, Relationship Rescue Academy to set up a free consultation today.

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