“Am I Afraid?”

Love is a very serious thing ,it can affect other people.Some say that "Age doesn’t Matter In Love" yeah its true but Age does Matter in a realtionship.But eventhough you are in a teenage year you can still love whole heartedly as long as you know your responsiblities and especially your limitations.

LOVE transcends all even your biggest problem can conquer it, eventhough some are against if you are truly inlove you will never give up and you will fight for it.Remember that loving is not for a cause,loving is being ready to realize the reality and to serve and understand others.

Yes,Im afraid of growing old because I can’t imagine myself being weak and being accompanied by others,but Im excited too beacause I want to know the people who will stay with me until my last breath.Im afraid because I cant accept that my end is near.

Remember that dont love for a reason because,Imagine if you love someone because of his/her beautiful face then suddenly it is destroyed Is your love will be gone too?..Distance is a measurement of how your love can travel and how strong it is.Soms say that "If you love someone you will come back" and some say that "If you love someone you’ll never leave" but remember Love is a sacrifice sometimes you need to leave for the best but you will come back for the rest. "LOVE IS NOT FINDING PEOPLE YOU CAN LIVE WITH IT’S FINDING PEOPLE YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT"