Do you know what Extra Judicial Killings is? Are you agree about that? Want to know more about that? We all know that killing people is against in ten commandment, but our president thinks that this is the only solution for drugs.

We all know that before the presidential year of Cory Aquino we have the death penalty, before I watched the video I like the death penalty but when I saw it is kind a scary, I don’t like the way they did it, some say that we need to take it back because of the epidemic drugs but for me even though you are the president you don’t have the right to take the lives of others unless you are God some of them believes on the quote “An Eye for an Eye, A tooth for a Tooth”.

President Duterte is an aggressive person, he always say his problems direct to the point, but as a Grade 9 student I don have the power to dictate the president what to do and I know that I don have any experience about that situations but as a person I don’t like the news about killings because It is aganist the church and human rights.

Death Penalty is it good? What if your relative accused by the sin he did not do and press. Duterte punished him with the death penalty, I’m sure you will curse him for the rest of your life. In this situation try to think about the others not only for your sake but also for the sake of others and your family. I know that the drug issue is trending but that is not the only problem that the world is facing, the reason why the others do something bad is for their family, to have food and to give the basic needs of their love ones what if Press. Duterte gives an emphasis to that problem the people will stop doing bad because they will have a reason to live. About the church the criminal will stop doing crime if they open their with the help of Jesus Christ, but how will it happen If our country leader don t respect the priest and always creates a barrier between the church and government.

But me as a grade 9 student the only thing that I can concretely do is to study hard for our economy, and to be a doctor to help the people in need but I know that it is not that easy, but I’m striving so hard, And what is the purpose of God and my family and him If I don’t take the as my inspiration.