THE WEEK(late journal)

Let us start with Monday- Monday is a little bit hard because this is day when you need to pass all of the assign task, but still happy because of my friends and him.Generally this day is the start of the whole week so I need to think positive for me to survive the next days, a day with a new lessons especially in Mathematics.

Tuesday-Full of D. Jokes ahhahaahahahah, that day is so happy because of him,we read different kind of jokes in my cellphoneeven though some are inappropriate still funny. In math subject I’m still trying cope up in different kinds of equations. In English we need to pass our quiz, our take home quiz. I read an essay about the hanging that essay is interesting I love it.

Wednesday- Wednesday- A week full of surprises and mysteries lol. This is the day when I forgot what happen lol. But I know that this is a tragic day.

Thursday- What a lucky and happy day because my dance partner is him but something changes my mood Something bad happened maybe for them it is funny but for me its f%$*&#g stupid, I almost cry but I just stay calm.

Friday- A sad day because it is the last day of the week but still happy because we can rest.

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