Loving Local with Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge Function Hall — Pure Images Photography

Although not the main focus of beauty on the day, a killer backdrop for your photos is always a win. I remember my first time at the venue now named “Eagle Ridge”; I couldn’t get over the stunning panoramic views of Tauranga and The Mount and kept reminding the bride she did an amazing job booking the venue.

I’m all for the “everything is here” package when it comes to venue selection. Ceremony — indoor, outdoor, wet weather, sunny. Reception— perfect size function hall for larger weddings (250!) or the boutique style lodge for smaller, more intimate weddings. The function hall is purpose built so plenty of room for the band and for your drunken uncle to cut some horrendous shapes on the D floor.

It’s a low hassle/stress free approach to ticking many boxes on your wedding planning “to do” list.

I’ve been chatting to Briana Chadwick, Events & Business Development Manager for Eagle Ridge who is mentioned many times in testimonials for her amazing organisational skills in helping brides and grooms achieve their perfect day without any stress; and asked her best advice for wedding planning:

“It’s all in the details.

The little touches are the things people remember your day for so going that extra mile is definitely worth it and makes it more personal with your special touch.

The key to this is being organised. You don’t want to be stressing about all those little details and touches as you’re walking down the aisle so make lists, checklists and delegate!

Having just got married myself two months ago I really could have taken my own advice a little more, especially in that last week!

That’s why having a purpose-built venue like Eagle Ridge that has an inbuilt Wedding Planner as part of your venue hire package is a god send — trust me; I’m speaking from experience now!”

I have loved learning more about Eagle Ridge and its history via their website www.eagleridge.co.nz 
Take a read of their testimonials, look at the stunning photo gallery or get in touch with Briana for any help or enquiries!

Photo — Pure Images Photography -Photo of Briana and Anthony from their April 2017 wedding
Details from Briana and Anthony’s wedding — Pure Images Photography
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