Married by Kelsey

Kelsey Jamieson — Tauranga Celebrant

I’m Kelsey, Netflix series binge watcher, proud Tauranga local and lover of all things caffeine; Married to my Husband Cole for almost four years, and Mama to Madden, the diva, and Indie, the boss.

Cole is obviously a big inspiration in my life, and a blog post he wrote a few years ago has since played in the back of my mind in terms of life, and how we live it. Cole’s post was titled “Don’t let fear hold you back” and ultimately being a social media gal the daily scroll on the gram brings up similar posts, quotes or sayings, like “fear kills more dreams than failure ever does” and so on.

Was I inspired? YES! 
Did I continue to procrastinate a little while longer? Also yes.

So finally, here it is! My new venture as Kelsey Jamieson — Tauranga Wedding Celebrant. Thanks Hubs for the flash last name to add to this role!

Definitely feeling all the feels with this because to force yourself out of your comfort zone is pretty damn scary. Fear is very real, but I guess at some point you have to decide how you will let it control what you want to do. My excitement outranks fear. I can’t wait to meet so many new faces in this industry. From nervous/excited brides and grooms to like minded and talented business people.

I guess like anything, time has changed the way we view, and do things. Old wedding traditions have evolved hugely, So why can’t a celebrants role have the same change and growth? I want to give a fresh approach to the “20 minutes” of the most important day of your life. I want your ceremony to reflect you both as couple and your relationship together. My husband initiated a high five during his wedding vows, completely hilarious, but completely us, and that sort of natural relaxed vibe is what I hope to attract.

A massive thanks to everyone who has made this possible. I am extremely lucky with my support network of amazing family and friends. Obviously the Hubs, not only handy with his words of wisdom, constant reassurance and love, but a talented graphic designer responsible for bringing the idea of my logo to life. To Rachel, Emma, Kat and Fiona — your kind written words to support my application absolutely blew me away; Rob & Kim for signing those good character forms to prove I am a bit of alright; The friends and cheese ladies who put up with me and my rants while I navigated through this whole process and Rachel from Swift & Click for making me feel like Tauranga’s own Ashley Graham (if Ashley was awkward, which I am sure she isn't). I am extremely grateful to everyone for their support and encouragement!

If you want to talk about your wedding ceremony, have any questions, or are still figuring things out, I’m always happy to chat! We can make your guests Kim K cry at your beautiful love story or induce some snort laughter; whatever floats your boat.

Looking forward to the adventure ahead and the many faces I will share it with!